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Low Profile Solenoid

NSF Controls low profile solenoids are very efficient with a rugged compact design for high force short stroke applications. When selecting a low profile solenoid take into consideration heat, side load, stroke and the operating environment to get the maximum lifecycle from the solenoid.
  • High Holding Force from 7.5N to 133N
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Stroke Length up to 18mm
Options Available:
  • Push & Pull Configuration
  • Plunger Retention
Typical Applications:
  • Food & Drinks Processing
  • Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment
  • Door Interlocks
  • Pumps
  • Packaging Equipment

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Conical Face VS Flat Face plunger design:
 Conical– faced designs extend the useful range of a solenoid to provide higher forces for strokes typically over 1.5mm. The pole surface area is greater and the distance between the tapered cone faces is as approximately one half that of the gap between the land faces (for 30° angles), providing the effect of a closer air gap.
While some of the force component is lost because the force vector is not parallel with the plunger motion, the shorter gap and higher flux density combine to provide more output force for longer strokes.
For shorter strokes, the magnetic flux density increases and causes the iron to saturate rapidly as the poles move closer, thus reducing the efficiency of the conical-faced design. At this point, the flat-faced plunger is more efficient.
The main advantage of the flat-faced pole over the conical is that the full component of force is useable because the force vector is parallel with the pole motion.
Low Profile Datasheets

Size 2ECM Medium Stroke, Conical Face 
Size 2EFM Short Stroke, Flat Face
Size 3ECM Medium Stroke, Conical Face 
Size 3EFM Short Stroke, Flat Face
Size 4ECM Medium Stroke, Concial Face 
Size 4EFM Short Stroke, Flat Face
Size 5ECM Medium Stroke, Conical Face 
Size 5SFM Short Stroke, Flat Face
Size 6ECM Medium Stroke, Conical Face 
Size 6SFM Short Stroke, Flat Face
Size 7ECM Medium Stroke, Conical Face 
Size 7SFM Short Stroke, Flat Face

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