Rotary Wafer Switches

NSF is known for the flexibility and application development of its Rotary Wafer Switches, being market leaders for over 70 years. 

Multi-pole, multi-position, multi-function, our rotary wafer switches can be custom designed to meet your needs. With a choice of contact material and termination these robust, time proven products are versatile as well as reliable. 

More about NSF Controls Rotary Wafer Switches:

  • 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24 and 36 Position indexing
  • Switching capability from µA to 6A
  • Voltages up to 3KV
  • Coded options
  • Insulation Materials: DAP
Rotary Wafer Switches can be supplied in many different combinations. Details for the most commonly used are provided in individual Technical Data sheets.  Please contact us for further assistance on other configurations.
Switch TypeSpace Envelope Dia x Length Max Poles Per SwitchIndexing AnglesMax Poles/Switching Per WaferRatingGeneral Specs
 (+ per add wafer)   Click on the links below to access further product information
MU-MA31 x 241215°1 pole 2-24 ways50mA @MU-MA Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements
(+11) 30°7 poles 2-12 ways300Vac/dc
  36°4 poles 2-10 ways500mA @
  45°1 pole 2-8 ways30Vac/dc
  60°6 poles 2-6 ways 
MU-MK40 x 241230°7 poles 2-12 ways150mA @

MU-MK Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements

(+13) 45°1 pole 2-6 ways250Vac/dc
  60°6 poles 2-6 ways50mA @ 250Vdc
    500mA @
UB-MM46 x 20815°8 poles 2-24 ways50mA @

UB-MM Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements
(+14)   300Vac/dc
    500mA @
UB-ML    50mA @UB-ML Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements
46 x 20810°1 pole 2-35 ways300Vac/dc
(+14) 20°8 poles 2-18 ways500mA @
UB-MSD53 x 32830°4 poles 2-12 ways6 Amps @ 250VacUB-MSD Data Sheet
(+15) 60°4 poles 2-6 ways 
SL-MA31 x 13830°7 poles 2-12 ways50mA @

SL-MA Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements

Index Mechanism Options
(+11) 36°4 poles 2-10 ways300Vac/dc
    500mA @
HD-MK26 x 392030°7 poles 2-12 ways150mA @

HD-MK Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements

Index Mechanism Options

(+13) 60°6 poles 2-6 ways250Vac/dc
  90°4 poles 2-4 ways50mA @ 250Vdc
    500mA @
HD-MSD32 x 531230°4 poles 2-12 ways HD-MSD Data Sheet
(+15) 60°4 poles 2-6 ways6 Amps @ 250Vac
  90°2 poles 2-4 ways 
J-MK18 x 401030°7 poles 2-12 ways150mA @

J-MK Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements

Index Mechanism Options
(+13) 60°6 poles 2-6 ways250Vac (rms)
    50mA @ 250Vdc
    500mA @
A-MA24 x 311030°4 poles 2-12 ways300Vac/dc

A-MA Data Sheet

Standard Contact Arrangements

Index Mechanism Options
(+11)   500mA @
TC Ceramic90 x 67430°1 pole 2-11 ways3KVdc.250mATC Data Sheet
(+35)   300VA @ 20MHz
MU-31 x 24 30°  Index Mechanism Options
  36°Indexing Mechanism Only 
UB-46 x 20 10°Indexing Mechanism Only Index Mechanism Options
SL-31 x 13 30°Indexing Mechanism Only Index Mechanism Options
HD-  30°  

HD Data Sheet

Index Mechanism Options
26 x 13 60°Indexing Mechanism Only 
J-38 x 11 30°Indexing Mechanism Only Index Mechanism Options
A-25 x 7 30°Indexing Mechanism Only Index Mechanism Options

Optional Features:

  • Shaft
  • Sealing
  • Alternative contact materials
  • Alternative mechanisms
  • Mounting bush thread

Typical applications for rotary wafer switches are:

  • Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment
  • Professional Audio Systems
  • Military Communications
  • Temperature Control Systems

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The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

To find out more, please contact our specialist Design & Engineering Team +44 (0)1535 661144 or email 

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