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Free-Way Switch

The New Free-Way 6-Position Toggle Switch

When a Free-Way Switch is fitted to a guitar, it may initially go unnoticed - the guitar doesn't look any different and the pickup selector feels just like a normal 3-way toggle giving Neck/Both/Bridge selections.

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It's only when you realise that the Free-Way Switch also moves into another three forward positions that you understand what the Free-Way is all about:-

A whole new dimension in natural tone - coil tap; phase; piezo; series;

parallel... it's up to you.  Fast, intuitive switching - all in one familiar place so it's easy to understand and use. Classic looks – completely maintains the authentic design, appearance and condition of any guitar.


Retro-fit without modification. Fits straight into a 35mm diameter cavity, so no physical alteration is required for fitting into LP style guitars.

While the 3X3-03 model offers vast tonal flexibility from one control, the 3X3 presents an opportunity for other applications to benefit from it's unique non sequential movement.


Data Sheets

for the 3X3-03 Free-Way Pickup Switch and 3X3 NSF Free-Way Assembly including dimensions, product specifications and installation guide

Features of the New Free-Way Switch
A unique 6-way toggle for unique music