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Working in partnerships with engineers, NSF Controls provides innovative solutions of smaller component parts for your BIG projects.

NSF Controls is a UK leading designer and manufacturer of solenoids, switches, and a specialist provider of customised electro-mechanical assembly services.

Globally, our solenoids and switches are used in defence and security applications, for automotive, utilities, medical and leisure functions, and breakthrough industrial and commercial automation.

Partnering with NSF - Benefits to Engineering Consultants

  • As-needed specialist expertise in the field of actuation and electromechanical assembly and subassembly, offering a flexible resource for your business.

  • Unique applied knowledge to supplement and complement your multi- disciplinary in-house team, giving them more time to focus on other areas of the project.

  • Gain independent opinions and a fresh perspective and insight from an objective, reliable source in the field.

  • Access to industry wide experience and technical problem solving utilised for our core actuation products and special orders.

  • Integrated assembly and tool manufacture to facilitate practical solutions for design concepts.

  • Scalable production capabilities.

  • Cost-effective support for assembly techniques, component supply, logistics and procurement.

  • Provision of fully documented agreed assembly and testing schedules.

  • A tailored, scalable service for bespoke electromechanical design concepts. 


With 8 decades of history working across many sectors and more than 30 countries, NSF has a rich and diverse knowledge and expertise to offer any partner:

  • Development of electromechanical assemblies, primarily actuation controls.
  • Feasibility study of the concept.
  • Design for manufacture, including production documentation.
  • 3D printing and CAD to aid product assessment and development.
  • Model making and prototype/sample build.
  • Performance testing and evaluation.
  • Procurement and logistics planning and execution. Including supplier research and selection, price negotiation and value analysis.
  • In-house manufacture and/or assembly of design concepts.
  • Recommend, develop and implement suitable assembly techniques.

Click here to find out more about NSF Controls' manufacturing facilities for the production of bespoke electromechanical assemblies.

Case Studies: 

ChargeBox Unit

A locking system in phone charging stations redesigned for optimum performance.

Find out more about ChargeBox here

Free-way Switch

A patented design for a unique control switch progressed to manufacture.

Find out more about Free-way Switch here

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You’re in safe hands

Providing BIG solutions

Big partnerships; BIG commitment. NSF Controls produces over 1m assemblies per annum from its UK site.

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Custom Solutions

Ideas made tangible

In addition to product development and design for manufacture, NSF provides a range of assembly support & solutions.

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